Give Input on Company Strategy

GenoMed’s loyal shareholders are the company’s greatest asset. I would like to use this Q&A panel to ask for your input on company strategy.

Please send me your vote on the following:

1. Just get word out, somehow, that 90% of dialysis can be prevented (see

2. Somehow get the word out that we’re the only players in healthcare who can LOWER healthcare costs

3. Avoid controversy, and focus on something else, like:

a. animal health–delaying kidney failure in cats and dogs

b. new drug discovery for cancer, e.g.

c. having the best anti-angiogenesis drug available (the safest, cheapest, and most effective)

d. already having drug “cocktails” of so-called “kind” (non-toxic) chemotherapy ready for testing in patients with metastatic breast, colon, lung, ovary, pancreas, or prostate cancer

e. our molecular diagnostic chip (the Healthchip[r]) for pre-symptomatic diagnosis of cancer

f. treating patients with West Nile virus encephalitis

g. possessing a possible general viral antidote, good for viral bioterrorist agents like ebola, dengue, etc.

Once the vote is tallied, we can talk about next steps.


Best regards,

Dave Moskowitz MD FACP
GenoMed, Inc.