GenoMed Publications

Forget about curing 150 diseases, just find the cure for one, and get it approved. You don’t have the money or staff to work on so many different things. I am tired of hearillng excuses about big medical companies keeping you down. If you have something, your investors will make sure you are heard.

Here’s what we’ve published so far:

  1. A new way to prevent theĀ 90% of kidney failure caused by diabetes or high blood pressureĀ (ref 1).
  2. A new way to delay the need for surgery for poor circulation, due to high blood pressure (ref. 1).
  3. A new way to slow down emphysema (ref. 1).
  4. How ACE works as an enzyme (refs. 3, 4, 5, 6).
  5. A new way to treat West Nile virus encephalitis and psoriasis (ref. 5)
  6. A new way to treat sickle cell disease (ref. 7)
  7. A possible general viral antidote (refs. 5, 8 [section 2151])
  8. A new treatment for multiple sclerosis
  9. The gene that explains why blacks go on dialysis 5 times more than whites (ref. 11).
  10. A new way to treat 150 common diseases (ref. 2)
  11. A new way to avoid dialysis in acute kidney failure and treat it medically instead (US patent 6,939,534; Sep. 6, 2005)
  12. A new way to hasten lung maturation in premies (US patent 6,998,404; Feb. 14, 2006)