GenoMed’s CEO to Chair Research Pharma Conference


David W. Moskowitz MD
CEO, GenoMed
Tel. 314.983.9938

ST. LOUIS—January 12, 2009—GenoMed® (OTC Pink Sheets GMED.PK) announced today that its CEO, David Moskowitz MD, will be chairing a conference for research pharmaceutical companies on model-based drug development.

The conference is being held today and tomorrow in Philadelphia (

This conference brings together Research Pharma companies like Merck, Johnson & Johnson, and Bristol-Myers Squibb, biotech leaders like Genzyme and Centocor, as well as representatives from the FDA, to discuss how to discover drugs more efficiently.

Despite advances in technology (or perhaps because of them), it is taking longer and costing more to bring a new drug to market. The latest figures are $1 billion and 10-12 years to get FDA approval for a new drug. There is an urgent need to find ways to cut both the cost and time for discovery of new drugs.

Cheaper model systems may be the answer, especially computer simulations instead of actual experiments, and experiments using cells instead of whole animals. Dr. Moskowitz will be speaking about how medical genomics, the science of which genes cause which diseases, can streamline and guide the process of drug discovery.

Dr. Moskowitz has been asked to chair the two day conference, as well as to give a workshop the first morning on the promise and realities of personalized medicine. The conference organizers, ExL Pharma (, consider Dr. Moskowitz to be a leader in the rapidly growing field of personalized medicine.

About GenoMed

As befits the pioneer company in preventive molecular medicine, GenoMed can already slow down death from cardiovascular disease by as much as a decade. Since 2004, GenoMed has found close to 2,500 causative genes for each of the six most common cancers in whites: breast, colon, lung, ovary, pancreas, and prostate. These 2,500 genes should make excellent drug targets, as well as power GenoMed’s cancer Healthchip® to predict patients at high risk for particular cancers.

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