The GenoMed Approach, Clinical Trials

Thank You for all the research and wonderfull work that You’re doing! I think I’ve read all of your publications and interviews, and I know that You’re a very frank person. I would like to invest some money for future benefits, and I find Your approach extremely unique. People with illnesses usually go first with FDA approved medicine, if that doesn’t help they start seeking alternatives. I know that You can prevent those terrible deseases, but can You cure them? What’s the outcome of the trials that You initiate? If You can cure those illnesses, is that gonna be legal in the US without FDA approval? I beleive that the end of the pill is about 10 years away. Stemcell companies are giving some very promising results, and some of them are undergoing Phase l/ll clinical trials as we speak. If those trials prove successful, pretty much all you have to do in the future is having regular stemcells shots, or they’ll have organs grown for you. Could You please describe how Your approach is better, or equal.

Thank You very much For Your Time.

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