Philippines Call Center Partnership

It may be too soon to ask for an update on the Phillipine deal but I am going to ask anyway. How is it going? Also I want to share a note that I sent to President Obama this evening just so you know we care about what you are trying to accomplish:

“One of the biggest [and fastest rising] expenses in Federal Government is healthcare. One would think if by using a relatively inexpensive treatment to cut the incidence of end stage renal failure and eliminate over $ 35 billion of healthcare expenses ANNUALLY there would be some interest in at least considering doing so. So, diagnosis why is it this treatment is langhuishing virtually unused?…”

The Philippines is going great. The first deal fell through, but now I’m going back for a second time in mid-May to try to consummate a 2nd deal with another call center company which looks even better than the first one. We’ll see what happens.

Best regards,
Dave Moskowitz

PS. Thanks for writing to President Obama. My impression is that the new guys in power don’t listen to the 300 million of us peons any more than the Bush administration did. They appear a lot more accessible, and certainly aren’t as terrifying, but they’re still too arrogant for a democracy. Probably OK for a republic. Welcome to Rome. Seen “Gladiator” with Russell Crowe? Best regards, Dave Moskowitz