Update: Key Partnerships in the Philippines

OK, so it’s been three weeks since you released the news about the MOU in the Philippines. What’s happened since then?? Anything?

Understanding an MOU has no legally binding contractual weight, is this thing still viable? Is LaSal still on board? Do you have any binding contracts in place and signed? Enquiring minds want to know Dave!

Please provide a synopsis and/or update with some kind of projected action time line. Is this possible for you to do? If not, can you post in the Q & A that there will be no further announcements until a firm working relationship is in place? Something? Anything?

As I’ve always tried to do, I’ll refrain from announcing anything until it’s a done deal. I’m extremely hopeful about cementing a number of key partnerships in the Philippines. I’ll announce each as they happen.

Thanks for your burning curiosity! I think the tide is finally turning for GenoMed. We’ve finally found a large country (there are 15-20 million adults in the Philippines) that needs and wants us as badly as we want and need them.

Dave Moskowitz MD FACP
GenoMed, Inc.