GenoMed Launches “10 + 10” Global Marketing Campaign


David W. Moskowitz MD
CEO, GenoMed
Tel. 314.983.9938

ST. LOUIS—June 19, 2009—GenoMed® (OTC Pink Sheets GMED.PK), the Public Health Company™, announced today that it is launching a world-wide marketing campaign to increase its clients’ lifespan by 10 years while rewarding its marketers with 10% of the patient revenues they bring in.

GenoMed published a series of papers in 2002-2004 showing that overactivity of angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) was behind three-quarters of common diseases—heart disease, almost all cancers, autoimmune diseases, even some infectious diseases, etc. The company’s CEO, David Moskowitz MD FACP, was able to reverse early stage kidney failure due to diabetes or high blood pressure, the two main causes of heart disease. It’s quite likely that heart disease itself could be reversed. Thus, it is reasonable to estimate that proper inhibition of tissue ACE, if begun in time, could add a decade of life to patients.

GenoMed has published in the peer-reviewed medical literature a safe and effective way to inhibit tissue ACE. There is no medical or legal impediment to applying this method to any patient population on earth.

The problem has been to communicate these findings to the patients who need to know– the world’s 2 billion adults—at a time when public health no longer takes care of patients, and medicine has completely lost its nerve.

David W. Moskowitz, MD FACP, GenoMed’s CEO and Chief Medical Officer, said “Education is key. There’s no point finding the major aging gene for all vertebrates—which we believe ACE to be—and have our discovery still be a secret seven years later. We need help getting the word out. In a word, we need a global marketing campaign. We can’t rely on public health officials, so we’ll go to the grass roots.”

Dr. Moskowitz continued, “We ask that people refer their friends and family who have high blood pressure, diabetes, or emphysema. We’ll work with the patient for two months or so, at a cost of $75 per month ($7.50/month for poor people). That should get the patient on the right dose of the right ACE inhibitor and start them on the right path to live an extra 10 years.”

Dr. Moskowitz ended by saying, “In return, we commit to paying our marketers 10% of what we earn as a result of their efforts. In the First World, people can expect to make an average of $15 per referral; in the Third World, $1.50. So you not only do right by your family and friends, you make a little money on the side. And who couldn’t use a little extra money nowadays?”

About GenoMed

GenoMed is a Next Generation Disease Management company that aims to deliver the best patient outcomes at the lowest possible cost. As the only Public Health Company™ in the world, GenoMed aims to arrest diabetes, hypertension, and emphysema everywhere on earth. Please contact Dr. Moskowitz if you have one of these diseases.

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