Update: Pharmacists in the Philippines

In light of the 10 + 10 and free in five announcements, please provide an update on progress in the Philippines so that we better understand the potential there.

We had been hoping to get buy-in from several big hitters–a telecom company, the major drugstore chain, as well as a medical school. None of them has been forthcoming, despite great initial promise. It may be premature to move on, but I am–lives are at stake. So we’re now going after independent retail pharmacists in the Philippines as we are in every other country. They’re the ideal marketers for the following reasons:

  1. They’re already in the business of dispensing medications, unlike telecom companies which have never been involved in healthcare before.
  2. They’re struggling to survive against the big chains and the mail-order pharmacies.
  3. Being small, the owner can make his/her own decisions, and not defer to an army of lawyers, as happened at the telecom company.

Thanks for your excellent question.
Best regards,
Dave Moskowitz MD
CEO, GenoMed