GenoMed – 5 to 10 Years From Now

I believe both in your approach and your company. If you could envision Genomeds situations, say, in 5 years or 10 years, what would it be like? (You will never quit, will you?)

Thanks so much for your question.

Here’s my vision for where GenoMed is headed: I want us to be the global Disease Management company of choice. I want GenoMed to have solutions for currently untreatable diseases, and be the first place patients go to for advice. If we can treat them, we will. If we can’t, we’ll work on finding a way.

When we have to make new drugs, we shall. We’ve invented a new business model for drug discovery and development, which we call the “Virtuous virtual peer-reviewed pharmaceutical company(tm).” It’s virtuous, because we use existing drugs whenever possible–our Disease Mgmt business model enables us to make money using already-existing drugs. Disease Mgmt is currently a $1 billion/year business, and growing. It’s virtual, because science no longer requires a central lab. We partner over the Internet with the best scientists around the world. It’s peer-reviewed, because scientists refuse to waste their time on bad science. Our partners believe in our way of finding drug targets. And that’s the only way we can reassure investors. We believe we can cut the current drug development time and cost (12 years, $1 billion) in half.

Naturally, I expect our stock price to reflect the fact that we’re the go-to company for Next Generation Disease Management, molecular diagnostics (which I didn’t mention, but which is important in curing cancer), and new drug discovery.

Thanks again for asking about the Big Picture. And no, I’ll never quit. This is my life. I’m putting everything I am and can do into it.

Dave Moskowitz MD
GenoMed, Inc.